"The world will benefit when economy supports well-being"

Robert Rubinstein (Founder & CEO, TBLI GROUP™)


Although born in Brooklyn, New York, Robert Rubinstein is a longtime resident of The Netherlands. So, back in 1999, when he founded a company to introduce the then radicalconcept of sustainable investing, it seemed only natural to name it after his distant former hometown: Brooklyn Bridge - Connections to the Future B.V. (BB).

The concept behind this company was the introduction of TBLI – Triple Bottom Line Investing.
From its early days, the aim of this small company was and is unabashedly global: It seeks nothing less than to re-educate the financial world.


The Team

Robert Rubinstein

Founder and CEO

For the past fifteen years, Rubinstein, the CEO of TBLI GROUP, has been instrumental in integrating ESG and TBLI into the culture and strategy of international corporate business and investment companies. He has taught courses in sustainable finance and currently delivers lectures at international Business Schools, and provides TBLI consulting and training for investment firms, pension funds, hedge funds, and international businesses, through what is now TBLI CONSULTING™ and TBLI CONFERENCE™.


Volunteer Team

We are constantly looking for people who'd like to join our conference Volunteer Team at various locations.

There are various positions available at each event. In exchange for accepting one of the volunteer positions outlined below, you will receive full, free admission to the conference and you will be able to network with thought leaders from the financial sector. Accommodation and travel is at your own expense.

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What People Say About TBLI CONFERENCE™

TBLI Conference stands out from other conferences in the standard of value I received during my attendance. The topics covered, quality of contacts made, deals executed and community generated are noticeably better than other conferences I’ve attended. Thank you Mr. Rubinstein for your vision & execution
Ibrahim AlHusseini (The Husseini Group LLC)