TBLI Events 2018-2019

Tuesday, 07 August 2018

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TBLI is the worlds leading authority on ESG and Impact Investing and has been curating content for TBLi Conference, for over 20 years. Now TBLI will be expanding ESG and Impact outreach to Family Office Events. Meet Family Offices and other Asset Owners.

Here are the dates for upcoming TBLI Impact Events. Free Attendance for all Asset Owners of  Conferences:

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TBLI CONFERENCE™ NORDIC | Nov. 8-9, 2018 Nasdaq, Stockholm . Free Attendance for all Asset Owners.

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IMPACT INVESTING: EXPLORING THE PERSONAL JOURNEY | London, 11/9/2018, St. James Hotel Lunch. Free Attendance for all Asset Owners

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Private Equity Opportunities in Impact | Zurich, 22/11/2018, St. James Hotel Lunch.Free Attendance for all Asset Owners


TBLI Inspiration Weekend | Glen House Castle, near Edinburgh Sept. 21-24 Sold out


TBLI VIP Dinner | Oct. 30, 2018 Paris - TBLI is organising a private Impact Investing dinner TBLI Foundation fundraiser in Paris, for a small group of thought leaders and investors (max. 25, nearly sold out).

Planned Family Office Events with Prestel & Partners:

Please contact us if you want to discuss participation or sponsorship at any of our events.